For any questions, concerns, or issues with your profile, or to report another user or profile, please visit our support portal.
At MatchKro, we prioritize privacy and security over profits. We ensure the protection of user-submitted data through various measures:

User-submitted data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and it's securely stored in the cloud.
We adhere to the principle of least privilege, providing our employees with role-based access only to the data necessary for their job functions.
Access to our infrastructure and systems is logged, allowing us to monitor and track any activity.
Our security practices are subject to regular assessments by security experts and third-party auditors.
We encourage security researchers to participate in our bug bounty program, reporting security findings and vulnerabilities.
Security is embedded at all stages of our development lifecycles, ensuring the creation of safer products.

We design and build our services and products with your privacy in mind. Our commitment to safeguarding your privacy allows you to trust the services we provide. For more information on how we protect your privacy, please visit our privacy page.

Contact Security
MatchKro values input from the security research community. If you identify a security vulnerability in our products or infrastructure, please use our bug bounty program on HackerOne to submit your findings. In the interest of user safety, we kindly request that you refrain from sharing potential vulnerability information with anyone outside of MatchKro until we confirm that the vulnerability has been properly mitigated. Please note that we explicitly prohibit testing Denial of Service (DoS) attacks or the use of automated scanning tools against any of our applications or infrastructure.

Safety, Reporting & FAQ’s

Communicating and Obtaining Consent
At Matcher, we emphasize the importance of understanding and obtaining consent. We believe that relationships should be built on respect and open communication, where all parties mutually agree without any pressure, guilt, or coercion. In collaboration with safety experts and advocates, we have compiled tips on how to navigate obtaining consent and setting personal boundaries both on and off MatchKro.
Consent is Hot:
Clearly defining what behaviors are comfortable and acceptable, as well as recognizing what crosses personal boundaries, contributes to a more enjoyable and respectful dating experience.
It’s your journey. Be you:
Every individual has unique preferences and dislikes. Effective communication is vital when getting to know someone, allowing you to understand their comfort zones.
Feel Empowered:
Consistently checking in about intimate interactions, both online and in person, empowers individuals to express their feelings and preferences. This ensures that everyone feels confident saying yes or no.
Respect Boundaries:
If someone declines or sets a boundary, it's important to understand and respect their decision. Accepting their choice demonstrates your respect for their feelings.
Always Trust Your Gut:
Never feel pressured to agree to something that doesn't align with your comfort level.

How Communication Establishes Personal Boundaries
Always ask for preferences using clear language to avoid misunderstandings. Asking questions like, "Are you comfortable discussing your sexual preferences? I'd like to know more about what matters to you," allows for open and respectful dialogue.
Setting boundaries and adhering to them is perfectly acceptable. Show support for those setting boundaries and respond to a "no" with understanding.

Not in the Mood? Make It Known
People's moods change, so it's crucial to regularly communicate about intimate interactions, whether online or in person. A "yes" on one occasion doesn't guarantee the same response every time. If you or your partner change your mind, communicate it openly and respectfully. For instance, you can say, "I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable and would like to change the topic." If someone expresses discomfort, show understanding and support by responding with, "That's okay!"
Understanding your partner's preferences contributes to safer and more enjoyable communication.
Remember, creating a respectful and enjoyable dating experience relies on consent, clear communication, and a mutual understanding of personal boundaries.

Member Principles, Expectations, & Reporting

We believe the MatchKro Team Must:

Prioritize Safety:
At MatchKro, we prioritize the safety of our users. We want our daters to feel comfortable being themselves, matching with others, and planning dates that suit them. We're committed to developing tools, features, and resources that keep our users informed and feeling secure. Our resources will be user-friendly, clear, and easy to access, aimed at ensuring the safety of our community and empowering users to report any threats.
Err on the Side of Caution:
Swift action is essential for creating a safe dating environment. When alerted, we will take immediate action to protect MatchKro Daters. We consider all relevant information when making decisions and may request additional details to better understand and resolve issues. Your report remains confidential, and we never disclose it to the reported person.
Check our Biases:
Our policies and tools will be reviewed regularly to ensure they reflect the evolving social environment. We are committed to fostering an inclusive community where authenticity, courage, and empathy thrive. Our focus is on maintaining a secure and respectful MatchKro Community.
Not act as arbiters of truth:
We provide information about potential matches, allowing users to connect with those who share their beliefs. We're not here to determine what's fact or fiction, but we do ensure users don't put others at risk or harm.
If a MatchKro Dater reaches out for support, they can expect a response from our team. We value feedback and suggestions for improving the app. If you need resources or assistance, we're here to help, including connecting you to trained specialists. If you're banned and suspect retaliation or false reporting, you can appeal.
Foster A Community Built on Trust & Respect:
We hold the responsibility of creating a safe space for people to form meaningful relationships. We respect users' personal information and use it ethically in building our tools and services. We maintain the confidentiality of accounts except when communicating with the account owner.
Step in When Necessary:
We intervene when there's a risk of physical, emotional, or psychological harm to a member. We collaborate with law enforcement as required and address valid law enforcement requests. We take suicide and self-injury seriously and provide support to members in crisis.

Expectations for the MatchKro Community:

Be Open to Others:
Our community embraces diversity and inclusivity. You may encounter differing opinions, and we encourage you to respect others' viewpoints. Engaging with others in a respectful manner aligns with our values of empathy and kindness.
Understand Consent is Critical:
Clear and freely communicated consent is essential. It can be expressed, revoked, or implied. In Discover, members are expected to avoid promoting abuse, harm, harassment, hate, or discrimination. Offensive content or initiating inappropriate conversations is not acceptable behavior.
Respect Boundaries:
Interacting with other users outside MatchKro should only occur when appropriate and communicated. MatchKro interactions should not extend to social media without consent. Respecting someone's decision to unmatch means refraining from reaching out through other platforms.
Be Honest:
While surnames are optional, providing false information or using misleading photos goes against our honesty and authenticity values. Creating multiple accounts or pretending to be a different age is discouraged. Profiles should authentically represent your personality and interests.
Put in Effort:
Invest in your dating life by showcasing your true self. Authenticity and effort lead to meaningful connections. Profiles should provide a holistic view of your personality, while respectful and authentic communication enhances the Discover experience.
Seek Meaningful Relation:
MatchKro Daters are seeking genuine connections. Represent yourself authentically, communicate transparently, and treat others respectfully. We respect diverse relationship styles, provided they're honest and empathetic.

At MatchKro, we're committed to fostering a community where safety, respect, and meaningful connections flourish. By adhering to these principles and expectations, we create a positive and secure environment for all users.

I need to report something that happened on MatchKro

How to Report an Incident on MatchKro

In the MatchKro App:

Please Note:
Reporting is a permanent and anonymous action. Once reported, the reported person's profile will not be visible to you, and they will not see your profile. If you report a profile from your matches, you will immediately disappear from their view, and they won't be able to access your conversation or match.

Outside of the MatchKro App:
If you need to report an incident outside of the MatchKro app, please contact us and provide the following information: Taking Reports Seriously:
At MatchKro, we treat reports with utmost seriousness. The more details you can provide, the faster we can identify and investigate the reported profile or user. Your assistance is crucial in maintaining a safe and respectful community for all MatchKro users. If you encounter any issues or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out with the information requested above.

What do I do if someone is impersonating me?

If you suspect that someone has created a MatchKro profile impersonating you, please take the following steps:

Contact Us:

Reporting Impersonation of Someone You Know:
If you come across a profile impersonating someone you know, you have two options: 1. Contact the Impersonated Person:
Inform the person being impersonated and encourage them to report the impersonating profile directly to MatchKro.
2. Report the Impersonating Profile:
: You can also report the impersonating profile directly on MatchKro using the reporting features available.
Authorized Representation:
If you are reporting impersonation on behalf of someone you are authorized to represent (such as a child or a client), please contact us with the information listed above. We appreciate your assistance in helping us maintain a safe and respectful community on MatchKro. The more details you can provide, the quicker we can identify and investigate the profile or user in question.